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This is a demo of "Groups & Brackets" using a 3 group tournament. The top two teams in each group and two wild card teams move onto the quarterfinals.

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UEFA Cup StandingsShow Details

Group A WLTGPPtsPts
A1 Holland0-0-0 0/300
A2 Belgium0-0-0 0/300
A3 Denmark0-0-0 0/300
A4 Sweden0-0-0 0/300
Group B WLTGPPtsPts
B1 England0-0-0 0/300
B2 Scotland0-0-0 0/300
B3 Wales0-0-0 0/300
B4 Ireland0-0-0 0/300
Group C WLTGPPtsPts
C1 Italy0-0-0 0/300
C2 Spain0-0-0 0/300
C3 Portugal0-0-0 0/300
C4 France0-0-0 0/300

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