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This page is not associated with Hartselle Boys Soccer. Official Tie Breakers may be different. Click on "Boys" or "Girls" to see division brackets/schedule/standings. ( Let the tournament director know if you like the site. It's easy to use and free. )

Schedule         (Last update: 04/04 5:32pm)
14:00pmGroover Rd 1Priceville v Hartselle0-3 ;
2 Groover Rd 5West Morgan v Brewer3-2 ;
36:00pmTiger StadiumAustin v Decatur2-0 ;
4 Groover Rd 1Hartselle JV v Danville1-3 ;
5 Groover Rd 5Hartselle v Priceville7-1 ;
6 Groover Rd 6Brewer v West Morgan0-2 ;
74:00pmTiger StadiumHartselle v Brewer6-3 ;
8 Groover Rd 1Austin v Hartselle JV6-0 ;
9 Groover Rd 5Danville v Decatur0-7 ;
10 Groover Rd 6Priceville v West Morgan3-5 ;
116:00pmTiger StadiumAustin v Brewer3-0 ;
12 Groover Rd 5Decatur v Hartselle1-1 ;
134:00pmGroover Rd 5Priceville v Decatur0-5 ;
14 Groover Rd 6West Morgan v Austin2-6 ;
156:00pmGroover Rd 1Austin v Danville6-0 ;
16 Groover Rd 5Decatur v Hartselle JV7-1 ;
17 Groover Rd 6West Morgan v Hartselle0-2 ;
18 Tiger StadiumBrewer v Priceville5-3 ;
194:00pmTiger StadiumAustin v West Morgan6-2 ; Semi1: A-1 v B-2
20 Groover Rd 5Hartselle v Decatur0-1 ; Semi2: B-1 v A-2
21 Groover Rd 6Danville v Brewer0-6 ;
22 Groover Rd 1Hartselle JV v Priceville5-7 ;
236:00pmGroover Rd 5Decatur v West Morgan4-3 ; Semi1: A-1 v B-2
24 Groover Rd 1Austin v Hartselle2-0 ; Semi2: B-1 v A-2
25 Groover Rd 6Priceville v Brewer1-3 ;
2610:00amGroover Rd 5Decatur v Austin2-1 ; OT ; Final: Semi1 v Semi2
2712:00pmGroover Rd 5Austin v Decatur3-2 ; KFM ; Final: Semi1 v Semi2
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