2014 Metro Soccer Tournament
This is a G&B demonstration page and is not associated with the Birmingham Metro tournament. Game results were obtained from public sources.
Schedule         (Last update: 03/13 3:17am)
Game 1Mon 3/315:30pmHoover HSHoover v Chelsea
Game 2  Pelham HSThompson v American CA
Game 3  Vestavia HSVestavia v Calera
Game 4  JCCHSHomewood v Hewitt-Trussville
Game 5 7:30pmPelham HSPelham v Tuscaloosa County
Game 6  Spain Park HSSpain Park v Hoover
Game 7  Vestavia HSVestavia v Homewood
Game 8  JCCHSJohn Carroll v Hewitt-Trussville
Game 9Tue 4/15:30pmMBHSSMCS v Tuscaloosa County
Game 10  Oak Mtn HSIndian Springs v American CA
Game 11  Vestavia HSVestavia v Hewitt-Trussville
Game 12 7:30pmChelsea HSChelsea v Homewood
Game 13  Hoover HSHoover v Thompson
Game 14  MBHSMtn Brook v Spain Park
Game 15  Oak Mtn HSOak Mtn v Hewitt-Trussville
Game 16  Vestavia HSHomewood v Calera
Game 17Wed 4/25:30pmHoover HSHewitt-Trussville v Calera
Game 18  Pelham HSIndian Springs v Thompson
Game 19  Vestavia HSVestavia v Homewood
Game 20 7:30pmChelsea HSThompson v Chelsea
Game 21  Hoover HSHoover v Mtn Brook
Game 22  Pelham HSPelham v SMCS
Game 23  Vestavia HSVestavia v Chelsea
Game 24  JCCHSJohn Carroll v Oak Mtn
Game 25Thu 4/35:30pmTBDA-1 v W-1Semi1: A-1 v W-1
Game 26  TBDB-1 v C-1Semi2: B-1 v C-1
Game 27 7:30pmTBDW-2 v W-3
Game 28  TBDW-4 v Hewitt-Trussville
Game 29  TBDA-2 v B-2
Game 30  TBDA-3 v B-3
Game 31Sat 4/59:00amPelham HSA-1 v B-1Final: A-1 v B-1
Game 32 11:00amPelham HSG25W v G26WFinal: Semi1 v Semi2
Game 33 1:00pmPelham HSA-1 v B-1Final: A-1 v B-1
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