2017 Demo Soccer Tournament
This is a GAB demonstration page and is not associated with the
Knights of the Round Table Soccer Tournament, though the schedule is based on that tournament. Match locations are guesses, though there are two fields.
Public reporting is enabled. Click "Game #" to report a match result.
Schedule         (Last update: 03/11 9:08pm)
15:30pmField 1St Pauls v Montgomery Cath Prep1-0 ;
2 Field 2Guntersville v Montgomery Acad4-0 ;
37:30pmField 1St Pauls v Montgomery Cath Prep6-0 ;
4 Field 2Guntersville v Montgomery Acad0-0 ;
58:30amField 1Guntersville v Montgomery Cath Prep4-3 ;
6 Field 2Montgomery Acad v St Pauls1-2 ;
710:30amField 1Guntersville v Montgomery Cath Prep5-0 ;
8 Field 2St Pauls v Montgomery Acad0-4 ;
91:00pmField 1Montgomery Acad v Montgomery Cath Prep0-0 ;
10 Field 2Guntersville v St Pauls2-1 ;
113:30pmField 1Montgomery Acad v Montgomery Cath Prep10-0 ;
12 Field 2Guntersville v St Pauls4-0 ;
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