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This is an example of Groups And Brackets using the 2013 JV Super Cup schedule and results. It is not associated with the tournament. (Link)

Schedule         (Last update: 03/09 10:51pm)
24:30pmBoyd FieldSparkman v Decatur5-0 ;
135:50pmPanther FieldHuntsville v Bob Jones2-1 ;
1 Boyd FieldBob Jones v Huntsville0-1 ;
147:10pmPanther FieldGrissom v Sparkman1-2 ; Watson
3 Boyd FieldGrissom v Athens3-0 ;
44:30pmBoyd FieldVestavia Hills v Sparkman4-0 ;
17 Panther FieldJames Clemens v Grissom2-1 ;
55:50pmPanther FieldAthens v Bob Jones0-1 ;
15 Boyd FieldBob Jones v Florence1-0 ;
67:10pmPanther FieldDecatur v Vestavia Hills0-6 ;
18 Boyd FieldAthens v Sparkman1-2 ;
78:30pmPanther FieldHuntsville v Grissom1-1 ;
16 Boyd FieldCullman v Huntsville0-3 ;
87:50amPanther FieldAthens v Decatur4-0 ;
9 Boyd FieldSparkman v Bob Jones0-3 ; WC B-2 vs A-3
199:20amPanther FieldSparkman v James Clemens3-0 ;
20 Boyd FieldGrissom v Athens2-2 ;
2110:40amPanther FieldCullman v Bob Jones0-5 ;
22 Boyd FieldHuntsville v Florence1-0 ;
1012:00pmPanther FieldGrissom v Bob Jones2-1 ; Semi1 A-1 vs WC
11 Boyd FieldVestavia Hills v Huntsville3-0 ; Semi2 B-1 vs A-2
231:20pmPanther FieldFlorence v Cullman1-1 ;
24 Boyd FieldJames Clemens v Athens2-0 ;
123:00pmBoyd FieldGrissom v Vestavia Hills1-6 ; Final Semi1 vs Semi2
255:00pmBoyd FieldHuntsville v Sparkman0-2 ; Final A-1 vs B-1
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