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This is a demo of Groups And Brackets. This demonstration includes semifinals and a third place game. Results have been entered for many of the group games so it's easier to get to the point that single elimination games opponents are determined.

Schedule         (Last update: 02/03 12:53pm)
15:30pmDCP 1Lamar v Hollywood2-3 ;
2 DCP 2Springfield v Lynchburg2-0 ;
37:00pmDCP 1Spokane v Hollywood2-0 ;
4 DCP 2Grant v Decatur0-3 ;
54:30pmDCP 1Lamar v Spokane1-4 ;
6 DCP 2Grant v Victorville1-1 ;
75:50pmDCP 1Springfield v Lawrence4-1 ;
8 DCP 2Lamar v Spokane0-4 ;
97:10pmDCP 1Hollywood v Moran2-0 ;
10 DCP 2Decatur v Kickapoo0-4 ;
118:30pmDCP 1Lynchburg v Bolivar1-1 ;
12 DCP 2Hollywood v Moran1-0 ;
138:00amDCP 1Victorville v Kickapoo1-3 ;
14 DCP 2Moran v Lamar0-2 ;
159:20amDCP 1Spokane v Hollywood3-1 ;
16 DCP 2Bolivar v Springfield0-4 ;
1710:40amDCP 1Moran v Lamar2-0 ;
18 DCP 2Lawrence v Lynchburg2-0 ;
1912:00pmDCP 1Decatur v Victorville2-2 ;
20 DCP 2Spokane v Moran5-0 ;
211:20pmDCP 1Kickapoo v Grant3-3 ;
22 DCP 2Lamar v Hollywood
232:40pmDCP 1Bolivar v Lawrence
24 DCP 2Moran v Spokane
256:00pmDCP 1A-1 v B-2 A-1 v B-2
26 DCP 2A-2 v Springfield A-2 v B-1
276:30pmDCP 4Spokane v GrantA-1 v B-2
28 DCP 3Decatur v A-2B-1 v A-2
299:00amDCP 4G27L v G28LG27L v G28L
31 DCP 1G25L v G26L G27L v G26L
30 DCP 3G27W v G28WG27W v G28W
32 DCP 2G25W v G26W G25W v G26W
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