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This is a demo of Groups And Brackets. This demonstration includes semifinals and a third place game.

Schedule         (Last update: 12/19 1:29am)
15:30pmDCP 1Lamar v Hollywood
2 DCP 2Springfield v Lynchburg
37:00pmDCP 1Spokane v Hollywood
4 DCP 2Grant v Decatur
54:30pmDCP 1Lamar v Spokane
6 DCP 2Grant v Victorville
75:50pmDCP 1Springfield v Lawrence
8 DCP 2Lamar v Spokane
97:10pmDCP 1Hollywood v Moran
10 DCP 2Decatur v Kickapoo
118:30pmDCP 1Lynchburg v Bolivar
12 DCP 2Hollywood v Moran
138:00amDCP 1Victorville v Kickapoo
14 DCP 2Moran v Lamar
159:20amDCP 1Spokane v Hollywood
16 DCP 2Bolivar v Springfield
1710:40amDCP 1Moran v Lamar
18 DCP 2Lawrence v Lynchburg
1912:00pmDCP 1Decatur v Victorville
20 DCP 2Spokane v Moran
211:20pmDCP 1Kickapoo v Grant
22 DCP 2Lamar v Hollywood
232:40pmDCP 1Bolivar v Lawrence
24 DCP 2Moran v Spokane
256:00pmDCP 1A-1 v B-2A-1 v B-2
26 DCP 2A-2 v B-1A-2 v B-1
276:30pmDCP 4A-1 v B-2A-1 v B-2
28 DCP 3B-1 v A-2B-1 v A-2
299:00amDCP 4G27L v G28LG27L v G28L
31 DCP 1G25L v G26LG27L v G26L
30 DCP 3G27W v G28WG27W v G28W
32 DCP 2G25W v G26WG25W v G26W
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