2015 Cullman Shamrock Girls Invitational Tournament

This is a Groups And Brackets demo/example page and is not associated with the Cullman Bearcats Booster Club. The 2013 Tournament did use this site for tournamnent results. Results are unofficial.


Girls Championship
Southside 0
John Carroll 4
John Carroll
Girls Schedule         (Last update: 03/26 8:09pm)
14:00pmFootball FieldBriarwood v Cullman0-1 ; KFM 1-1 ; 1
25:00pmFootball FieldMadison Academy v Southside0-4 ;
36:00pmFootball FieldAlbertville v Athens0-0 ;
47:00pmFootball FieldJohn Carroll v Fort Payne3-0 ;
58:00pmFootball FieldArab v Indian Springs0-1 ;
69:00pmFootball FieldCullman v Madison Academy5-0 ;
78:00amFootball FieldAlbertville v Briarwood1-0 ;
89:00amFootball FieldJohn Carroll v Athens1-1 ;
910:00amFootball FieldCullman v Southside0-1 ;
1011:00amFootball FieldFort Payne v Indian Springs0-2 ;
1112:00pmFootball FieldBriarwood v Southside0-2 ;
121:00pmFootball FieldArab v Madison Academy0-0 ;
132:00pmFootball FieldAlbertville v Indian Springs0-0 ;
143:00pmFootball FieldFort Payne v Athens0-0 ;
154:00pmFootball FieldJohn Carroll v Arab2-0 ;
166:30pmFootball FieldSouthside v John Carroll0-4 ; A-1 v A-2
Girls StandingsShow Details

A10 Southside3-0-0 3/32707
A8 John Carroll2-0-1 3/32216
A3 Indian Springs2-0-1 3/32103
A6 Cullman2-1-0 3/31816
A1 Albertville1-0-2 3/31601
A2 Athens0-0-3 3/31211
A5 Arab0-2-1 3/3430
A7 Fort Payne0-2-1 3/3450
A9 Madison Academy0-2-1 3/3490
A4 Briarwood0-3-0 3/3040

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