2019 Demo Soccer Tournament
This is a G&B demonstration page and is not associated with the Buccaneers' Bash Soccer Tournament, though the schedule and Friday game results came from that tournament.
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Boys Gold

Group A
A11McGill Boys JV1
A12Fairhope Boys JV Res
A13Foley Boys JV
A14Baker Boys JV1
A15Davidson Boys JV1
A16Spanish Fort Boys JV

Boys Silver

Group A
A21McGill Boys JV2
A22St Pauls Boys JV
A23Davidson Boys JV2
A24Baldwin County HS Boys JV
A25Baker Boys JV2
A26Gulf Shores Boys JV

Boys Bronze

Group A
A31Fairhope Boys JV Dev
A32St Michael Boys JV
A33Davidson Boys JV3
A34Baker Boys JV3

MS Boys

Group A
A41Foley Boys MS
A42Fairhope Boys MS
A43Central Baldwin Boys MS
A44Causey Boys MS
A45Thompson Boys MS
A46Floyd Boys MS

JV Girls

Group A
A51Fairhope Girls JV
A52Foley Girls JV
A53Baldwin County HS Girls JV
A54St Michael Girls JV
A55Gulf Shores Girls JV
A56St Pauls Girls JV
A57Baker Girls JV
A58Davidson Girls JV

MS Girls

Group A
A61Fairhope Girls MS
A62Foley Girls MS
A63Thompson Girls MS
A64Causey Girls MS
A65St Pauls Girls MS
A66Central Baldwin Girls MS