2012 USC Futsal Tournament
Hosted by the United Soccer Club
Schedule         (Last update: 02/13 5:40pm)
110:00amCourt 2NAU White v VFC Lady Arsenal5-10 ;
211:00amCourt 2Real Madrid v Decatur Pumas26-10 ;
3 Court 3Juventus v Legia Warsaw8-16 ;
412:00pmCourt 1NAU Blue v USC White12-8 ;
5 Court 2The FORCE v NAU White4-7 ;
6 Court 3USC Blue v VFC Lady Arsenal4-12 ;
71:00pmCourt 2AC Milan v Bayern Munich3-3 ;
8 Court 3Manchester United v Decatur Club America8-6 ;
91:20pmCourt 1Chivas v Barcelona7-8 ;
102:00pmCourt 1River Plate v Real Madrid10-13 ;
11 Court 2Huntsville Tigres v Legia Warsaw6-15 ;
12 Court 3Decatur Pumas v Juventus9-9 ;
132:45pmCourt 1NAU Blue v The FORCE7-6 ;
14 Court 2USC White v VFC Lady Arsenal7-14 ;
15 Court 3NAU White v USC Blue7-2 ;
173:40pmCourt 2Barcelona v Manchester United4-4 ;
18 Court 3Bayern Munich v Decatur Club America5-4 ;
16 Court 1Chivas v AC Milan1-7 ;
214:30pmCourt 3River Plate v Huntsville Tigres17-5 ;
19 Court 1NAU Blue v USC Blue11-2 ;
20 Court 2USC White v The FORCE6-8 ;
225:20pmCourt 1Chivas v Decatur Club America6-10 ;
24 Court 3Bayern Munich v Manchester United3-5 ;
23 Court 2Barcelona v AC Milan4-10 ;
256:10pmCourt 1River Plate v Juventus7-6 ;
26 Court 2Huntsville Tigres v Real Madrid7-13 ;
27 Court 3Decatur Pumas v Legia Warsaw7-7 ;
2812:00pmCourt 1AC Milan v Bayern Munich7-4 ; U9B Semi
29 Court 2Manchester United v Barcelona11-13 ; U9B Semi
301:00pmCourt 1NAU Blue v NAU White7-6 ; U10G Semi
31 Court 2VFC Lady Arsenal v The FORCE17-8 ; U10G Semi
322:00pmCourt 1Real Madrid v Decatur Pumas4-15 ; U11B Semi
33 Court 2Legia Warsaw v River Plate13-7 ; U11B Semi
343:00pmCourt 1AC Milan v Barcelona4-12 ; U9B Championship
35 Court 2NAU Blue v VFC Lady Arsenal4-7 ; U10G Championship
364:00pmCourt 1Decatur Pumas v Legia Warsaw7-4 ; U11B Championship
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