Ranking Criteria


Points are the primary ranking criteria.
  • Each team receives 6 points for a win, 3 points for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.
  • Each team receives an additional point for each goal, up to 3.
  • No points are earned for a shutout.

    If two or more teams are tied on points, the following ranking criteria are used, in order:

    Head to Head

    If two or more teams are tied, the team that won the most games against other tied teams is ranked above the other teams.

    Goal Differential

    Higher Goal Differential, up to 3 and no less than -3, per game, puts a team over a team with a lower Goal Differential.

    Goals Against/Allowed

    Fewer Goals Allowed puts a team over a team with more Goals Allowed.

    Goals For/Scored

    More Goals_For, up to 3 per game, places a team over a team with fewer Goals_For.

    Shut Outs

    A team with more Shut Outs (opponents do not score) is ranked above one with fewer Shut Outs.

    Kicks from the Mark/Penalty Kicks

    When all else fails, Kicks from the Mark (PKs) are used to rank two teams.