Tutorial Videos

Although I think this web site is fairly easy to use, enough people have problems that I have created a series of videos that show how to use various features and capabilities. This is the the Soccer-tournament.us Youtube Channel. The newest videos are described here:

BucBash 2017

This is a demo based on the 2017 Buccaneers' Bash. (10:35) This shows some basic features of the site as well as some game reports.

Game Reporting

I don't mind entering game results, but it is very inefficient compared to someone at the tournament reporting the results directly. This video shows how to report game results. It's possible to enter most game results in 10-15 seconds, after logging in. Logging in is not required if a PIN is enabled.

Groups & Brackets Game Reporting (11:15) - This video demonstrates several game reports. Several authorization methods are also covered.

Game Report using a tournament link w valid PIN, in an email (1:17) - A game result is reported using a phone.

Game Reports using PIN enabled URL (0:43) - A game result is reported using a tablet

Swap/Edit Capability

Groups & Brackets Edit and Swap Demo (13:56) shows Swap and Edit capabilities. Duplicate and Delete are also covered though these are very rarely used. Only Tournament Directors are authorized to use Edit/Swap.

Tournament Director Admin Functions

G&B Admin. (Tournament Director) Function Review (18:15) - This video describes Tournament Director capabilities. These include several unrestricted commands: The following functions are available only to Tournament Directors. Some are important but it is not a problem is you don't use them.

TD (Tournament Definition) Builder

There are already several videos showing how TD Builder can be used to set up tournaments quickly, but some of the software has changed since those were made, and I wanted to demonstrate how to build a two division, Boys and Girls, tournament, with two groups of 4 teams in each division. I ended up making several similar videos and keeping three of them. All three show the same tournament. The resulting tournaments are not identical but they are equivalent. The same matches are played though the time and field may differ from one demo to another.

2x2x4 Tournament Build in 5 minutes (16:17) - This is probably the best of the three. It explains the process fairly well and isn't too long. It starts with 2:36 of introduction, followed by a 5 minute tournament build (ending at 7:40), with commentary. This is followed by about 3 minutes of information about the Tournament Definition that was just built. The TD is loaded into the website at 10:43. The new tournament page is described at 11:22. Regrouping of the Girls division is shown starting at 12:15. The revised tournament, with different teams in the Girls groups, is ready at 14:40.

Tournament Review (View) is demonstrated at 15:00.

TD Builder Demo and Review - 2 x 2 x 4 (17:48) - This tutorial is very similar to the "2x2x4 Tournament Build in 5 minutes" video. If you're only going to watch one, watch that one. However, this does have a some information that is not included in the that video and may be worth watching if you're really curious. It does show how Tournament Review can flag 4 games in one day.

2x2x4 TD Build in 3:35 (4:58) - This is not so much a tutorial as it is a experiment. I wanted to see how fast I could build the 2x2x4 tournament. Obviously I had the tournament information ready for cut and paste, and I knew exactly what to do without thinking about it too much; the Tournament Definition was created in 2:59 ( 0:53-3:52 on the video ), with the tournament up and running in a little over 3:30 (at 4:08).

There are several other videos showing "TD Builds", though they use older software and some of the pages will be a little different: TD Build Videos.

Send any questions, comments, or suggestions to Tom Konantz.