Groups & Brackets Tutorial


The Bracket Section shows all single-elimination games, with the teams defined in terms of group finish or other single elimination game results. This bracket shows two semifinal games which match each group winner, A-1 and B-1, with the second place team in the other group, B-2 and A-2, with the semifinal winners meeting in the finals. These designations will be replaced by the team name as soon as that information is available.

The Schedule section is always present. It lists all games within the division. Each line includes the Game #, the date/time of the match, the location, the opponents, and a results/notes field. Clicking the Location field will bring up details of the venue if available. Note that the "Game #" and "Team1 v Team2" fields are black.

The opponents in the single elimination games, 43, 44, and 50, will be filled in as soon as those teams are identified. They will always be complete when the group is complete, and will be filled in earlier if a team already has earned enough points to win the group regardless of subsequent games.

The Group sections lists all groups and the current standings. Details will be covered in later pages. No games have been played at this point so all the teams are tied.