Groups & Brackets Tutorial

Set Ranking Criteria

Setting the ranking criteria is simple and quick. Any of 10 different criteria can be used in many different sequences. Both 10 point ( 6 points/win & 3 points/tie) and 3 point ( 3 points/win & 1 point/tie) systems are supported. Points are always the first ranking criteria.

Normally either KFM/PKs or Coin Flip will be the final tie breaker.

Although the "Set Ranking Criteria" function is very restricted and will generally be used only when a tournament is set up, it can be used to look at how different tiebreakers effect the rankings. When the criteria are set, all group standings are recalculated with the new rules, and the ranking help segment is regenerated. The current criteria are shown in order of priority in the group tables.

criteria header