Groups & Brackets Tutorial

After Game Report

After entering a 3-0 result for Game 29 (at 8:52), the Schedule shows the 3-0 result and the group section shows the updated standings. Team A18 has 10 points, 6 for the win, 3 more for the three goals, and 1 point for the shutout. Team A19 is in last place with zero points and 3 goals allowed, placing it behind the two teams that haven't played.

Assume that the 3-0 score was incorrectly reported and the actual score was 3-1. To correct the mistake, just Click on "Game 29", then enter the correct score. The Schedule and Group Sections show the update immediately (at 8:57). Team A19 moves from last place in the group, with 3 goals allowed compared with 0 for the teams who have not played any games, to 2nd place, with 1 point due to the goal scored. Team A18 loses the shutout point and drops to 9 points. Both teams have updated goal differential.

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