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Schedule         (Last update: 12/19 2:08am)
Game 1Sat 10/17:30amMainUSC U10G v Yellow Lightning
Game 2 7:55amAnnexSmith's Girls v Harris U16G
Game 3 8:20amMainHarris U14G v Ocho Monos1-0 ;
Game 4 8:45amAnnexYellow Lightning v LFC Shockers 2K2
Game 5 9:10amMainHarris U16G v Gee6
Game 6 9:35amAnnexLions v LFC Shockers 97
Game 7 10:00amMainMartin U10G v USC U10G
Game 8 10:25amAnnexGee6 v Smith's Girls
Game 9 10:50amMainHarris U14G v Lions
Game 10 11:15amAnnexLFC Shockers 2K2 v USC U10G
Game 11 11:40amMainHarris U16G v Smith's Girls
Game 12 12:05pmAnnexLFC Shockers 97 v Harris U14G
Game 13 12:30pmMainMartin U10G v LFC Shockers 2K2
Game 14 12:55pmAnnexGee6 v Harris U16G
Game 15 1:20pmMainOcho Monos v LFC Shockers 97
Game 16 1:45pmAnnexYellow Lightning v Martin U10G
Game 17 2:10pmMainSmith's Girls v Gee6
Game 18 2:35pmAnnexLions v Ocho Monos
Game 19 3:00pmMainLFC Shockers 99 Orange v USC 99 Courage
Game 20 3:25pmAnnexNeon Nightmares v USC Blue Angels
Game 21 3:50pmMainUSC 99 Power v LFC Shockers 99 BlueIntergroup Game
Game 22 4:40pmMainUSC Blue Angels v LFC Shockers 99 Orange Intergroup Game
Game 23 5:05pmAnnexUSC 99 Courage v USC 99 Power
Game 24 5:30pmMainLFC Shockers 99 Blue v Neon Nightmares
Game 25 6:20pmMainLFC Shockers 99 Blue v USC Blue Angels
Game 26 6:45pmAnnexNeon Nightmares v USC 99 Courage
Game 27 7:10pmMainLFC Shockers 99 Orange v USC 99 Power
Game 28 8:25pmAnnexA-1 v B-1Finals: A-1 v B-1
Game 29Sun 10/28:00amMainDejaBlue FC v LFC Force 2K1
Game 30 8:25amAnnexUSC Brazil v USC Holland
Game 31 8:50amMainWalker U10B v USC Spain
Game 32 9:15amAnnexGrissom Wilson v Randolph
Game 33 9:40amMainUSC Brazil v DejaBlue FC
Game 34 10:05amAnnexUSC Holland v LFC Force 2K1
Game 35 10:30amMainUSC Argentina v USC Spain
Game 36 10:55amAnnexGrissom Ray v Randolph
Game 37 11:20amMainDejaBlue FC v USC Holland
Game 38 11:45amAnnexUSC Argentina v Walker U10B
Game 39 12:10pmMainLFC Force 2K1 v USC Brazil
Game 40 12:35pmAnnexRandolph v Harris 95 Boys
Game 41 1:00pmMainUSC Cosmos v Lincoln United Boys 99
Game 42 1:25pmAnnexUSC 99 Boys v Lakers
Game 43 1:50pmMainA-1 v B-2Semis A-1 v B-2
Game 44 2:15pmAnnexB-1 v A-2Semis B-1 v A-2
Game 45 2:40pmMainA-3 v B-3Consolation A-3 v B-3
Game 46 3:05pmAnnexGrissom Ray v Grissom Wilson
Game 47 3:30pmMainUSC 99 Boys v USC Cosmos
Game 48 3:55pmAnnexLincoln United Boys 99 v Lakers
Game 49 4:20pmMainHarris 95 Boys v Grissom Smith
Game 50 4:45pmAnnexG43W v G44WFinals - G43W v G44W
Game 51 5:10pmMainLakers v USC Cosmos
Game 52 5:35pmAnnexLincoln United Boys 99 v USC 99 Boys
Game 53 6:00pmMainGrissom Smith v Grissom Wilson
Game 54 6:25pmAnnexHarris 95 Boys v Grissom Ray
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