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Schedule Format

The default schedule format is a time-sorted list of matches. Setting the "Mobile" option results in a narrower table which should be easier to read on a phone or tablet.

A Time v Locations Grid is a common format, showing locations as column headers and time as row headers. If "All Locations" is set, the Grid will include a column for every location and the columns will be identical for each day. If "All Locations" is not set, only locations used on that day will be shown. Locations may not line up from one day to the next. Most tournaments use all locations each day so grid will be the same regardless of the setting.

The Results Grid shows each group separately, with the game results and points in a grid. The single elimination bracket is at the bottom of the page, if present.

Show Opponent Grid

If set, a grid shows which teams play each other in Group games. Single elimination and consolation games are not shown.

Show Time Map

If set, a time-proportional block is generated for each location for each day, showing games. This block also shows the time between games. The game interval should be set to the minutes of a schedule slot. For example, if games are scheduled at 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm, the game interval is 120. If games are scheduled at 9:00, 9:50, 10:40 and so on, the interval is 50.