Over the Mountain
JV Tournament

Hosted by
Spain Park Boys Soccer

The Home team, on the left, should wear white uniforms. The Away team, on the right, should wear colored uniforms.

Teams will play 30 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime. Ties will stand in pool play. Semis and Finals play two 5 minute overtime periods, first goal wins, with a shootout if needed.

JV Boys Semifinals and Championship
Homewood 2
Vestavia 1
Mtn Brook 0
James Clemens 2
Homewood 4
James Clemens 1
JV Boys Schedule         (Last update: 04/21 8:31pm)
14:00pmSportsblast 1Pelham v Sparkman1-4 ;
2 Sportsblast 2Altamont v Homewood0-6 ;
3 Sportsblast 3Hoover v Bob Jones2-1 ;
4 Sportsblast 4Mtn Brook v John Carroll5-0 ;
55:30pmSportsblast 1Vestavia v Oak Mtn2-1 ;
6 Sportsblast 2Auburn v Shades Valley1-1 ;
7 Sportsblast 3Spain Park v Helena5-0 ;
8 Sportsblast 4James Clemens v Northridge4-1 ;
97:00pmSportsblast 1Homewood v Pelham4-1 ;
10 Sportsblast 2Sparkman v Altamont4-0 ;
11 Sportsblast 3John Carroll v Hoover0-6 ;
12 Sportsblast 4Bob Jones v Mtn Brook2-3 ;
138:30pmSportsblast 1Shades Valley v Vestavia1-5 ;
14 Sportsblast 2Oak Mtn v Auburn1-1 ;
15 Sportsblast 3Northridge v Spain Park1-3 ;
16 Sportsblast 4Helena v James Clemens0-3 ;
178:30amSportsblast 1Pelham v Altamont1-0 ;
18 Sportsblast 2Sparkman v Homewood0-4 ;
19 Sportsblast 3Hoover v Mtn Brook1-1 ;
20 Sportsblast 4Bob Jones v John Carroll3-0 ;
219:45amSportsblast 1Vestavia v Auburn1-0 ;
22 Sportsblast 2Oak Mtn v Shades Valley3-0 ;
23 Sportsblast 3Spain Park v James Clemens0-2 ;
24 Sportsblast 4Helena v Northridge1-1 ;
252:00pmSoccer FieldHomewood v Vestavia2-1 ; Semi1: A-1 v B-1
26 Football FieldMtn Brook v James Clemens0-2 ; Semi2: C-1 v D-1
277:00pmSoccer FieldHomewood v James Clemens4-1 ; Final:
JV Boys StandingsShow Details

Group A   Complete WLTGPGFGAHHPts
A13 Homewood3-0-0 3/312129
A12 Sparkman2-1-0 3/38519
A11 Pelham1-2-0 3/33810
A14 Altamont0-3-0 3/30110
Group B   Complete WLTGPGFGAHHPts
B21 Vestavia3-0-0 3/37225
B22 Oak Mtn1-1-1 3/35315
B24 Auburn0-1-2 3/3238
B23 Shades Valley0-2-1 3/3295
Group C   Complete WLTGPGFGAHHPts
C34 Mtn Brook2-0-1 3/38323
C31 Hoover2-0-1 3/37222
C32 Bob Jones1-2-0 3/36513
C33 John Carroll0-3-0 3/30140
Group D   Complete WLTGPGFGAHHPts
D44 James Clemens3-0-0 3/39128
D41 Spain Park2-1-0 3/37319
D43 Northridge0-2-1 3/3386
D42 Helena0-2-1 3/3194

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