Over the Mountain
JV Tournament

Hosted by
Spain Park Boys Soccer

The Home team, on the left should wear white uniforms. The Away team, on the right, should wear colored uniforms.

Teams will play 30 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime. Ties will stand in pool play. Semis and Finals play two 5 minute overtime periods, first goal wins, with a shootout if needed.

Semifinals and Championship
Thompson 1
Homewood 6
Oak Mountain 0
Hoover 1
Homewood 2
Hoover 1
Schedule         (Last update: 04/16 8:59pm)
Game 1Fri 4/154:00pmSpain Park Soccer FldHelena v Homewood1-6 ;
Game 2  Spain Park Football StadVestavia v Sparkman0-1 ;
Game 9  Oak Mtn Soccer StadOak Mountain v Auburn3-0 ;
Game 10  Pelham Football StadJohn Carroll v Huntsville2-3 ;
Game 3 5:30pmSpain Park Soccer FldSpain Park v Cullman7-0 ;
Game 4  Spain Park Football StadBob Jones v Thompson2-3 ;
Game 11  Oak Mtn Soccer StadJames Clemens v Smith Station4-1 ;
Game 12  Pelham Football StadHoover v Pelham3-0 ;
Game 5 7:00pmSpain Park Soccer FldHomewood v Vestavia1-1 ;
Game 6  Spain Park Football StadSparkman v Helena2-1 ;
Game 13  Oak Mtn Soccer StadHuntsville v Oak Mountain0-3 ;
Game 14  Pelham Football StadAuburn v John Carroll3-0 ;
Game 7 8:30pmSpain Park Soccer FldThompson v Spain Park2-2 ;
Game 8  Spain Park Football StadCullman v Bob Jones0-3 ;
Game 15  Oak Mtn Soccer StadSmith Station v Hoover0-5 ;
Game 16  Pelham Football StadPelham v James Clemens0-4 ;
Game 17Sat 4/168:30amSpain Park Soccer FldHomewood v Sparkman2-1 ;
Game 18  Spain Park Football StadVestavia v Helena0-1 ;
Game 21  Oak Mtn Soccer StadOak Mountain v John Carroll8-0 ;
Game 22  Pelham Football StadAuburn v Huntsville2-1 ;
Game 19 9:45amSpain Park Soccer FldSpain Park v Bob Jones0-1 ;
Game 20  Spain Park Football StadCullman v Thompson0-7 ;
Game 23  Oak Mtn Soccer StadHoover v James Clemens3-0 ; Corrected
Game 24  Pelham Football StadPelham v Smith Station1-2 ; Corrected
Game 25 2:00pmSpain Park Soccer FldThompson v Homewood1-6 ; Semi1:
Game 26  Spain Park Football StadOak Mountain v Hoover0-1 ; Semi2:
Game 27 7:00pmSpain Park Football StadHomewood v Hoover2-1 ; Championship:
StandingsShow Details

Group A   Complete WLTGPPKGFHHPts
A14 Thompson2-0-1 3/3924
A13 Bob Jones2-1-0 3/3620
A11 Spain Park1-1-1 3/3615
A12 Cullman0-3-0 3/300
Group B   Complete WLTGPPKGFHHPts
B21 Homewood2-0-1 3/3721
B23 Sparkman2-1-0 3/3417
B24 Helena1-2-0 3/3310
B22 Vestavia0-2-1 3/314
Group C   Complete WLTGPPKGFHHPts
C31 Oak Mountain3-0-0 3/31030
C32 Auburn2-1-0 3/3518
C33 Huntsville1-2-0 3/3410
C34 John Carroll0-3-0 3/322
Group D   Complete WLTGPPKGFHHPts
D42 Hoover3-0-0 3/31030
D43 James Clemens2-1-0 3/3819
D44 Smith Station1-2-0 3/339
D41 Pelham0-3-0 3/311

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