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This page is not associated with the McGill-Toolen Classic tournament. Public results were used for the Varsity games. No JV results were available.

This tournament had a very unusual format, using 3 team groups to determine the seeding in a 2-game single elimination round. This structure is very hard to see in a schedule showing just the opponents and game time/place.

Schedule         (Last update: 03/20 2:22am)
Game 1Fri 3/151:00pmTrione 1McGill-Toolen v John Carroll2-2
Game 2  Trione 2Bob Jones v Faith Academy4-0 ;
Game 3  Trione 3Athens v Grissom0-2 ;
Game 4  Trione 4Enterprise v John Paul II2-3 ;
Game 26 2:30pmTrione 1McGill-Toolen v Enterprise1-0 ;
Game 27  Trione 2Oak Mountain v Fairhope3-0 ;
Game 28  Trione 3Grissom v Athens4-0 ;
Game 29  Trione 4Pell City v Thompson0-0 ;
Game 5 4:00pmTrione 1Pell City v McGill-Toolen1-4 ;
Game 6  Trione 2Gadsden City v Faith Academy0-1 ;
Game 7  Trione 3Hoover v Athens4-0 ;
Game 8  Trione 4Enterprise v Thompson0-3 ;
Game 30 5:30pmTrione 1Enterprise v St Pauls2-0 ;
Game 31  Trione 2Trinity v Oak Mountain0-5 ;
Game 32  Trione 3Prattville v Athens3-0 ;
Game 33  Trione 4Thompson v Auburn5-0 ;
Game 10 7:00pmTrione 1John Carroll v Pell City1-0 ;
Game 11  Trione 2Gadsden City v Bob Jones0-1 ;
Game 12  Trione 3Grissom v Hoover1-1 ;
Game 13  Trione 4Thompson v John Paul II2-0 ;
Game 34 8:30pmTrione 1St Pauls v McGill-Toolen1-1 ; A Guess
Game 35  Trione 2Fairhope v Trinity2-2 ; B16 1 PK B18 2 PK Guess
Game 36  Trione 3Prattville v Grissom0-0 ; C21 2 PK C20 0 PK - Guess
Game 37  Trione 4Auburn v Pell City0-0 ;
Game 38Sat 3/168:00amTrione 1Enterprise v GrissomSemi5A: A-2 v C-2
Game 39  Trione 2Trinity v Pell CitySemi5B: B-2 v D-2
Game 40  Trione 3St Pauls v AthensSemi9A: A-3 v C-3
Game 41  Trione 4Fairhope v AuburnSemi9B: B-3 v D-3
Game 14  Trione 5Athens v Pell City1-0 ; Semi9A: C-3 v A-3
Game 15 9:30amTrione 1John Carroll v Hoover0-3 ; Semi1A: A-1 v C-1
Game 16  Trione 2Bob Jones v Thompson2-0 ; Semi1B: B-1 v D-1
Game 17  Trione 3McGill-Toolen v Grissom0-1 ; Semi5A: A-2 v C-2
Game 18  Trione 4Faith Academy v John Paul II2-2 ; Semi5B: B-2 v D-2
Game 19  Trione 5Enterprise v Gadsden City5-0 ; Semi9B: D-3 v B-3
Game 42 11:00amTrione 1McGill-Toolen v PrattvilleSemi1A: A-1 v C-1
Game 43  Trione 2Oak Mountain v ThompsonSemi1B: B-1 v D-1
Game 44  Trione 3G40W v G41W9th: Semi9AW v Semi9BW
Game 45  Trione 4G40L v G41L11th: Semi9AL v Semi9BL
Game 46 12:30pmTrione 3G38W v G39W5th: Semi5AW v Semi5BW
Game 20  Trione 1Grissom v Gadsden City6-1 ; 5th: Semi5AW v Semi9BL
Game 47  Trione 4G38L v G39L7th: Semi5AL v Semi5BL
Game 21  Trione 2McGill-Toolen v Faith Academy1-1 ; 7th: Semi5AL v Semi5BL
Game 22  Trione 5Pell City v Enterprise1-0 ; 11th: Semi9AL v Semi5BW
Game 48 2:00pmTrione 2G42W v G43WChampion: Semi1AW v Semi1BW
Game 23  Trione 1John Carroll v Thompson1-3 ; 3rd: Semi1AL v Semi1BL
Game 49  Trione 3G42L v G43L3rd: Semi1AL v Semi1BL
Game 24  Trione 4Athens v John Paul II0-1 ; 9th: Semi9AW v Semi5BW
Game 25 3:30pmTrione 1Hoover v Bob Jones0-1 ; Champion: Semi1AW v Semi1BW
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