2013 Island Cup
Soccer Tournament
This is a GAB demonstration page and was not associated with the Island Cup tournament ( Official Site: (now inactive)). Game results were entered based on public results. Group standings were calculated here, as the results were entered.
Schedule         (Last update: 02/25 1:02pm)
Game 1Fri 2/2212:00pmOrange Beach StadiumGrissom v Mountain Brook1-1 ;
Game 2  Orange Beach 8St Pauls v Huntsville0-2 ;
Game 3 1:15pmOrange Beach StadiumGrissom v McGill3-1 ;
Game 4  Orange Beach 8Davidson v Bob Jones0-3 ;
Game 5 2:30pmOrange Beach StadiumFairhope v Huntsville0-0 ;
Game 6  Orange Beach 8Houston Academy v Grissom0-10 ;
Game 7 3:45pmOrange Beach StadiumRobertsdale v Hewitt0-2 ;
Game 8  Orange Beach 8Briarwood v Mountain Brook1-5 ;
Game 9 5:00pmOrange Beach StadiumEnterprise v Daphne4-1 ;
Game 10  Orange Beach 8Hewitt v Fairhope1-1 ;
Game 11 6:15pmOrange Beach StadiumHuntsville v Hewitt3-0 ;
Game 12  Orange Beach 8Robertsdale v St Pauls0-6 ;
Game 13Sat 2/238:00amOrange Beach StadiumMountain Brook v Houston Academy
Game 14  Orange Beach 8Grissom v Briarwood1-1 ;
Game 15 9:15amOrange Beach StadiumMcGill v Enterprise0-0 ;
Game 16  Orange Beach 8Bob Jones v Hewitt0-2 ;
Game 17 10:30amOrange Beach StadiumHuntsville v Daphne0-1 ;
Game 18  Orange Beach 8Grissom v Davidson2-0 ;
Game 19 11:45amOrange Beach StadiumHuntsville v Robertsdale10-0 ;
Game 20  Orange Beach 8St Pauls v Hewitt0-2 ;
Game 21 1:00pmOrange Beach StadiumHewitt v McGill4-0 ;
Game 22  Orange Beach 8Bob Jones v Enterprise0-2 ;
Game 23 2:15pmOrange Beach StadiumFairhope v Grissom1-0 ;
Game 24  Orange Beach 8Daphne v Davidson1-1 ;
Game 25 3:30pmOrange Beach StadiumBriarwood v Houston Academy
Game 26  Orange Beach 8Huntsville v McGill
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