JC Soccer
April 11, 2015 at Madison Stadium

Hosted by
James Clemens High School Boys Soccer

Games will have 30 minute halves with a 7 minute halftime period. Two 5 minute overtimes (Golden Goal Wins) and PKs will be used if needed. Top/left team is Home team.
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Last update: 4/12 Sunday 1:06 pm
James Clemens Jets 1
Columbia Eagles 2
Grissom Tigers 2
Sparkman Senators 1
James Clemens Jets 1
Sparkman Senators 2
Columbia Eagles 0
Grissom Tigers 2
Sparkman Senators
Grissom Tigers
JV Boys Schedule         (Last update: 04/12 1:06pm)
18:00amStadiumJames Clemens Jets v Columbia Eagles1-2 ;
29:30amStadiumGrissom Tigers v Sparkman Senators2-1 ;
312:30pmStadiumJames Clemens Jets v Sparkman Senators1-2 ; OT
42:30pmStadiumColumbia Eagles v Grissom Tigers0-2 ;
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