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This tournament was generated in 6 minutes, 45 seconds, starting with a list of teams and available fields, and using the Tournament Builder. This video shows a similar build.
Schedule         (Last update: 09/19 5:21am)
13:30pmSoccer FieldSpringfield v Bolivar2-0 ;
2 Football FieldWebb City v Carls Junction1-1 ;
3 Alt FieldLamar v Butler2-1 ;
44:50pmSoccer FieldRiverside v Victorville2-1 ;
5 Football FieldPortland v Cannon Beach3-0 ;
66:10pmSoccer FieldClinton v Springfield0-3 ;
7 Football FieldAsbury v Webb City0-1 ;
8 Alt FieldJasper v Lamar0-1 ;
99:00amSoccer FieldBolivar v Clinton0-1 ;
10 Football FieldCarls Junction v Asbury1-0 ;
11 Alt FieldButler v Jasper0-3 ;
1210:30amSoccer FieldOntario v Riverside2-2 ;
13 Football FieldBeaverton v Portland0-2 ;
1412:00pmSoccer FieldSpringfield v Webb City2-1 ; Semi1: A-1 v B-1
15 Football FieldLamar v Carls Junction0-1 ; Semi2: C-1 v W-1
161:30pmSoccer FieldVictorville v Ontario0-4 ;
17 Football FieldCannon Beach v Beaverton0-2 ;
184:30pmSoccer FieldVictorville v Cannon Beach: A-3 v B-3
19 Football FieldBeaverton v Riverside: B-2 v A-2
206:00pmSoccer FieldSpringfield v Carls Junction3-1 ; Final: Semi1 v Semi2
21 Football FieldOntario v PortlandFinal: A-1 v B-1
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