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This page is used to enter game locations. The Locations table has the following fields:

Enter the locations:

Location Color

This tournament will be color coded by division so location color is not as important as in single division tournaments.


This page is used to define the single division used in this tournament.

U18B and U18Gwill be used to reference the Divisions, but "JV Boys" and "JV Girls" will be the public name of the divisions.

Division Colors


Matches - U18B

The previous steps have set up the context for the core of the Build process, which starts here. The "Matches" page generates all group games based on the number of teams in each group. It will be used to define one Single Elimination game.

Matches - U18G

Single Elimination Games- U18B

One U18B Semifinal and three U18G games have been defined.

Single Elimination/Consolation - U18G

Three U18G games have been defined.

Game Slots

This page is used to define when specific fields are avaiable for scheduling of matches.


Drag each match to a game slot to schedule that match. Hover over a match to see team names. The center 'v' works well. This only works for group games which have team names associated with them. The Game Slots are time proportional so gaps and offsets are visible.


At this point tournament is completely defined, with all relevant tournament information already entered into the Builder. The "Tournament Definition" (TD) block contains this information in a format that can be imported into a G&B web page or copied for external use.

The TD is generated each time the page is loaded, but can be regenerated, with different switches, with the "Generate TD" button.

Restricted Functions

Using the Tournament Page

This demo is focused on the "Build" capability, but you can enter game results to verify that the tournament is functional. Game reporting is usually restricted.

Making Revisions

The purpose of the TD Build is to make it easy to generate a TD. The format of a TD is simple enough that it can be edited directly, though it is possible to return to TD Build pages, tweak values, and generate a revised TD. For example, it's possible to go to the Divisions page, click on "Set Division Colors", change the colors, then click on "Export". The changed colors will be included in the TD.

Making Revisions - Part 2