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Set Ranking Criteria

Ten Point System
  Shutout Point Shutout Point for Winning Team No Shutout Point
Three Point System
Custom Points System Use Goal Differential for PPG
Win Points PPG Limit Shutout Point
Draw Points PPG Limit Shutout Point
Lose Points PPG Limit
No Points/Hide Group Ranking

  pts Points - always first
  hh Head to Head
  ga Max Goal Allowed per game
  gd Max Goal Differential per game
  gf Max Goals For per game
  W Wins
  rcc Red Card Cnt Red Card Point Deduction
  ycc Yellow Card Cnt Yellow Card Point Deduction
  so Shutout Count
  cf Coin Flip
  kfm Kicks From the Mark/PKs
  tid Team ID

** - A 0-0 tie earns each team 3 points rather than 4, if only winning teams earn shutout points. If any shutout earns a point, 0-0 and 1-1 results are both worth 4 points.


  • Select either a 10 point, 3 point, custom, or zero points system.
  • If 10 point system, select Shutout Point policy.
  • Specify all fields for a custom points system.
  • A 'zero points' system will hide group ranking tables.
    • Set ranking criteria with sequence numbers.
    • Points/pts is always first criteria, #1.
    • Set sequence number to 0 if criteria is not used.
    • Sequence number order matters, but not specific values.
    • Do not use the same sequence number for more than one criteria.
  • Use a very large value, such as 99, for MAX value if there is no limit.
  • If Deduct Red/Yellow Card is enabled, the points total will be reduced by the specified count.
  • Check the left column to make the item visible in a standard group ranking. All active criteria are always shown in a "Detailed" view.

A revised Set Criteria page, with Drag and Drop, is planned, but this one works fairly well.