2019 Demo Soccer Tournament
This is a G&B demonstration page and is not associated with the Buccaneers' Bash Soccer Tournament, though the schedule and Friday game results came from that tournament.
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Manley 1 Schedule         (Last update: 04/08 3:09am)
245:10pmManley 1Foley Boys JV v Davidson Boys JV11-0 ;
16:20pmManley 1Baldwin County HS Girls JV v Davidson Girls JV3-0 ;
277:30pmManley 1Davidson Boys JV1 v McGill Boys JV11-5 ;
58:40pmManley 1Baker Girls JV v Fairhope Girls JV0-5 ;
3211:00amManley 1Fairhope Boys JV Res v Foley Boys JV2-1 ; Semi2: A-2 v A-3
1112:10pmManley 1Fairhope Girls JV v Baldwin County HS Girls JV10-0 ; Semi1: A-1 v A-4
331:20pmManley 1G31W v Fairhope Boys JV Res0-1 ; Final: Semi1 v Semi2
132:40pmManley 1Fairhope Girls JV v G12W3-0 ; Final: Semi1 v Semi2
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