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Varsity Boys Schedule         (Last update: 03/23 1:53pm)
15:00pmBaylor Turf FieldNotre Dame v Fort Payne2-1 ;
2 Baylor Match FieldEast Hamilton v Baylor6-0 ;
37:00pmBaylor Match FieldSE Whitfield v Houston1-1 ;
44:00pmBaylor Turf FieldArlington v Fort Payne2-0 ;
5 Baylor Match FieldCatholic v Notre Dame1-2 ;
65:30pmMcCallieGrissom v McCallie1-4 ;
76:00pmBaylor Match FieldHuntsville v SE Whitfield0-1 ;
8 Signal MountainBob Jones v Signal Mtn3-2 ;
9 Baylor Turf FieldCollinsville v East Hamilton2-1 ;
108:00pmBaylor Match FieldHouston v Baylor2-0 ;
119:00amBaylor Match FieldHuntsville v Baylor2-1 ;
12 Baylor Turf FieldCatholic v Arlington
1311:00amBaylor Turf FieldFort Payne v SE Whitfield1-1 ;
14 Baylor Match FieldBob Jones v East Hamilton3-0 ;
15 McCallieMcCallie v Houston1-1 ;
161:00pmBaylor Match FieldGrissom v Notre Dame0-0 ;
17 Baylor Turf FieldCollinsville v Signal Mtn0-1 ;
184:00pmEast HamiltonCatholic v East Hamilton0-0 ;
20 Baylor Match FieldSE Whitfield v Bob Jones1-0 ;
194:30pmMcCallieArlington v McCallie1-5 ;
216:00pmBaylor Match FieldSignal Mtn v Grissom0-0 ;
22 Baylor Turf FieldNotre Dame v Collinsville6-0 ;
238:00pmBaylor Match FieldFort Payne v Baylor1-0 ;
Varsity Boys StandingsShow Details

A1 Baylor0-4-0 4/40
A2 Bob Jones2-1-0 3/30
A3 Catholic0-1-1 2/30
A5 Collinsville1-2-0 3/30
A7 East Hamilton1-2-1 4/40
A8 Fort Payne1-2-1 4/40
A9 Grissom0-1-2 3/30
A10 Huntsville1-1-0 2/20
A11 McCallie2-0-1 3/30
A12 Notre Dame3-0-1 4/40
A13 SE Whitfield2-0-2 4/40
A14 Signal Mtn1-1-1 3/30
A15 Houston1-0-2 3/30
A16 Arlington1-1-0 2/30

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