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Varsity Boys Schedule         (Last update: 03/14 10:13pm)
15:00pmBaylor Match FieldEast Hamilton v Baylor0-4 ;
2 Baylor Turf FieldSignal Mtn. v Fort Payne1-3 ;
35:30pmMcCallieSE Whitfield v McCallie2-2 ;
47:30pmBaylor Match FieldCPA v Notre Dame1-0 ;
64:00pmEast HamiltonCPA v East Hamilton4-0 ;
7 Baylor Turf FieldCollinsville v Signal Mtn.1-1 ;
56:00pmBaylor Match FieldBob Jones v SE Whitfield1-0 ;
8 Baylor Turf FieldCatholic v Fort Payne0-5 ;
9 East HamiltonNotre Dame v Huntsville1-3 ;
108:00pmBaylor Match FieldCollierville v Grissom2-1 ;
119:00amBaylor Match FieldBob Jones v Catholic2-0 ;
12 Baylor Turf FieldHuntsville v CPA2-1 ;
1310:00amMcCallieMcCallie v Collinsville7-0 ;
14 East HamiltonEast Hamilton v Fort Payne2-4 ;
1511:00amBaylor Turf FieldGrissom v SE Whitfield0-2 ;
16 Baylor Match FieldBaylor v Collierville1-1 ;
173:00pmBaylor Turf FieldFort Payne v Notre Dame1-1 ;
18 Baylor Match FieldSignal Mtn. v Catholic1-1 ;
194:00pmMcCallieHuntsville v McCallie1-5 ;
205:00pmBaylor Turf FieldEast Hamilton v Collinsville2-2 ;
21 Baylor Match FieldBob Jones v Collierville1-1 ;
227:00pmBaylor Match FieldGrissom v Baylor0-5 ;


Fort Payne was the only team to win three games, so they are the Champion based on points. They played a fourth game, but earned 28 points on their first three. On the other hand, none of the top teams played each other and their schedule strength varied, so it's probably fair to declare all the teams with no losses as co-champions.
  • 28 pts - Fort Payne (3 games)
  • 24 pts - Baylor
  • 24 pts - McCallie
  • 21 pts - Bob Jones

I do not know if Baylor treated this as a tournament or if they declared a champion.

Varsity Boys StandingsShow Details

A18 Fort Payne3-0-1 4/410432
A11 Baylor2-0-1 3/37124
A21 McCallie2-0-1 3/38324
A12 Bob Jones2-0-1 3/34121
A16 CPA2-1-0 3/35219
A20 Huntsville2-1-0 3/36718
A14 Collierville1-0-2 3/34316
A23 SE Whitfield1-1-1 3/34314
A24 Signal Mtn.0-1-2 3/33519
A15 Collinsville0-1-2 3/331019
A17 East Hamilton0-3-1 4/44147
A22 Notre Dame0-2-1 3/3255
A13 Catholic0-2-1 3/3184
A19 Grissom0-3-0 3/3191

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